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Plant Based Samurai is the ultimate guide to losing weight and improving your martial arts performance, all while nourishing your body with nutritious plant-based meals. With over 40,000 words spanning 160 pages, this book has everything you need to make a fresh start on your nutrition and health journey. You’ll learn about the science behind plant-based nutrition, the essential elements of your diet.


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Plant Based Samurai is a comprehensive guide that explores the relationship between nutrition and martial arts. It covers various topics including plant-based eating, weight management, inflammation, meal planning, and supplementary training and recovery techniques for optimal health and performance in martial arts.

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Martial Arts is a demanding pursuit that requires strength, endurance, and flexibility. To perform at your best and achieve your goals, it's crucial to fuel your body with the right nutrients...

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Dr Virgil Troy is a seasoned karate instructor and passionate researcher with a unique understanding of the intersection between martial arts and nutrition. With over half a century immersed in karate, including 23 years coaching, he...

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